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Best game ever

This game is much fun exspexially since it's free I highly recomend it because it keeps you entertained for a long time. It might be a little hard but that's what makes the game more fun cause it's not like those dumb games u complete in like 5 minutes. I've completed every level 4 times so it is possible to beat:)

Shut down

This app crashed my phone.

At least it was free

How r the controls? What controls? If the ball even seems to go a little in the direction u want it to, don't get excited, it's just by chance. This App is great if ur looking for something u can delete after u realize it's crap BUT at least this time u won't have the added frustration over the feeling that u've been robbed, cuz this crap is FREE!

Åwęšüm!! : ]

This Iz rillee sick!!!! Nedz moor lvlz

Great game

This is a great game and could you please make the levels a bit easier?


5 stars cuz it looked awesome but 1 star cuz I got a Black screen for two seconds and then it went away. But definately get this. It is probably really cool. Can someone tell me how to fix it?


How can a "developer" release an app like this!? Controls are horrible, I wish accelerometer worked well or at least accelerometer controls could be turned off. This app is slow and uncontrollable. It is not worth downloading. (plus from the reviews, it seems it crashes the device while playing it on iPod touch)


It crashes!!! All the time

Fun but

Crashed my phone.

It's alright,

But isn't very responsive. It's alright when you're bored. It is free, so you can't complain to much.

Black screen

Well all I got is a black screen.. Hapefully an update will come soon


Not fun doesn't explain how it works reallllllly slow :(

unfreeze ipod touch and bad game

a way to unfreeze your ipod touch is to hold the bottom square button and the top black lock button. it un-crashes you itouch. otherwise that is the only thing i have learned from this game


this is the worst game if ever played it was a waste of time to download

Very Slow response

First couple of levels were okay but it started getting hard and this game isnt the most responsive which really doesnt help in getting the full experience of the game. worth a download but u will find urself deleting it after playing


The game is dumb and boring but can't be as bad as the games that are not on the top 50 list

Terrible use of the Accelerometer

I got this app thinking it would use the accelerometer the way that Labrynth used it, not moving the marble ONE square at a time... the game is very tedious... But I suppose I shouldn't complain.. after all, it's what you would expect out of a FREE application...

I love,

How this doesn't work after re-downloading several times

Not so good...

First time I played it it crashed my phone so I tried it again but the game was not so good ... In other words it was BOREING!..

It's ok

Not very good. It is slow and not very smooth when playing

This is joke.

It may be fun for 6 years old but even they will get bored after 4 minutes.


I expected it to be a lot better considering the reviews people wrote about it. It stinks.

does not work

anytime i try to run this app, i get a blank screen on my iPod touch. Apple should have done a better job screening out the buggy apps! very dissapointing

Stupid app

This game is bad, very bad and it froze my iPod touch for 6 hours! Don't download!!!!

won't load

for what ever reason the game won't load for me. very frustrating. Figured out the problem. Do a hard restart of the iphone and it worked fine. Still very slow though, but upgraded to 2 stars

Doesn't work at all!

Just launches to a blank screen.

Crashed my phone!

Does not work it just crashes my phone


Installed it, launched it, black screen crashes to home screen. Awesome game! The entire 2.0 software belongs on Verminators it's so buggy.


This game was boring

Crashes iPhone!

Do not run! Boring game... And after beating level 3, I quit then played later. After I reran it it crashed my iPhone... Screen went black and no buttons responded. Had to connect to iTunes to even start to fix it.

Black Screen is all I get

Installed it and all I get is a black screen too, just like one of the other people that wrote a review. Unsure I want to waste the time reinstalling it.

Boring and repetative

What a crappy game. For a marble game, it was just too stiff. And the fruit bonuses don't make any sense either, they're just like the ones from pacman.

seems broken to me. wont run

When I try to run it, I just get a black screen and it goes back to the home page. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. same result. iPod Touch 16GB, 2.0

Waste my time! (@_@);;

Don't call this a game, this is a complete rubbish. Go find yourself something better to play!

Pretty good

Well, for a free game this is very good! The graphics are pretty good. The only problem is that the ball doesn't move that smoothly, but since I have been playing it I have gotten better at using the accelerometer to play it. It is worth the download.

Great game!

I like the game, as soon as you get used to the movememt of the ball the fun starts. Thanks for the free games.

It's very good

Download it's cool

Very frustrating

One of the many iPhone games that doesn't make good use of the accelerometer. The puzzles look interesting, but the ball doesn't move smoothly and tilting or swiping have very delayed effects. I am keeping it installed for now, hoping for an update to these interface problems, but I can't reccomend downloading it at this stage.

Great game

This is a fun game !!!

Poor control sinks possible fun option

Tilting method worked very poorly for me. Finger swipes seemed random, but holding my finger at a desired location seemed to mostly work. Looks like a fun game, just needs some serios control, settlngs, and interface tweaks.

Korebasi Lite

Great game, great music, everything was great but it needs updates like take curves and all that

Accelerometer games rule!!!

Love the dual use of accelerometer or screen swipes to control the ball. Can't wait to see the full version ;)


Sexy game

Don't know what everyone else...

Is talking about but the game is pretty fun! I didn't have any problems!

Crashed until I did a Power Off

I also had the blank screen problem, which was repeatable, but I tried a Power Off and it opened up just fine after that. I haven't played with it much yet but find the action just a little sluggish -- it doesn't seem to move as smoothly as I expect, as someone else suggested -- so will give it 3 stars for now. Mostly just wanted to suggest the Power Off for anyone else encountering the blank screen thing.

Cool concept executed poorly

It's kinda cool, but not a must have. Hold off on it; a better company will make a much better version soon, I'm sure.


The concept is great and the game would be too if it were responsive... Much improvement is needed...

App keeps crashing...

When I try to open the application, it shows a black screen and just crashes taking me back to the home screen. Waste of time!!!


Interesting, after the first few screens they get a bit more difficult. The game isn't the most responsive. Some time I had a real hard time getting it to react to the way I wanted it to go. Definitely worth downloading though!

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